Valuation Services

Valuations for tax purposes

Do you need a VALUATION FOR TAX PURPOSES? We carry out Valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes which may require a retrospective valuation. … Read more

Lot entitlement valuations

Do you need a LOT ENTITLEMENT VALUATION? Developers, conveyancers and surveyors require Lot Entitlement Certificates for Community Plan developments. … Read more

Real Estate Tips

How much is my property worth?

Everyone has an opinion of value when it comes to real estate and often parties have a vested interest in the result so it may be prudent to obtain an independent valuation by a Independent Professional Valuer. There are many reasons why a formal property valuation may be required. There may be a legal requirement or independent advice from a Professional Valuer may be obtained prior to placing a … [Read More...]

Sell first or buy first?

When buying a property you are in a stronger negotiating position if you can offer an unconditional or a subject only to finance contract. A contract subject to the sale of your home or investment property creates uncertainty for the seller. If your property is not sold within the time appointed the seller will then have to place their property back on the market. Sellers may not accept a subject … [Read More...]

When is the best time to sell?

Historically spring is the best time to sell. After a long cold winter, spring brings out better weather and we become more active and positive. Spring flowers make our gardens look bright and colourful. As a result more sellers place their homes on the market as buyers become more active. The reality, however, is that we all move house for different reasons and have different needs, a job … [Read More...]